Telecommunications and ICT

Ireland offers advanced telecommunications solutions to business and as a result has emerged as a key international hub for ICT and data centre development. Telecommunications services are provided by a large number of commercial service providers operating within an open and competitive market. Both Government and the private sector are currently advancing ambitious investment plans to further reinforce Ireland’s place as a leader in the telecoms and ICT sectors.



Ireland’s energy policy is built on the three core policy objectives of sustainability, security of supply and competitiveness. The sector is underpinned by a stable policy and regulatory environment that seeks to achieve optimum benefits for the consumer in a timely manner and at efficient cost. The development of high-quality energy infrastructure networks is a key enabler for all three policy objectives and a number of strategic projects, including international interconnectors, are currently being advanced. Ireland is also taking a lead in promoting sustainable energy technologies, with the marine area presenting high potential for offshore wind and wave energy development.


Water services in Ireland are delivered in line with the needs and expectations of consumers guided by the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability. To this end, the sector will benefit from investment of €8.5 billion between 2018 and 2027 under the National Development Plan. Irish Water, the state sponsored utility, is currently spearheading a programme of major investment that will copper-fasten Ireland’s position as a leading location for water intensive industries such as Life Sciences and ICT for decades to come.


Ireland has extensive transport links to Europe and the rest of the world


As a result of a period of focused and sustained investment of approximately €13.6 billion in national roads between 2000 and 2010, Ireland now benefits from a high-quality interurban motorway network. With an asset value of approximately €32 billion, Ireland’s national roads network provides for safe and efficient travel as well as the fast and reliable movement of freight. Under the National Development Plan a further €6.6 billion will be invested in national routes by 2027.


Ireland has an extensive network of rail infrastructure comprising approximately 1,660 kilometres of active track. The network provides strategically important connections between Ireland’s five cities, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, as well as linking to other key urban centres with strong regional functions. The network operator is currently progressing plans to procure up to 600 electric carriages which will ensure Ireland has one of the most modern and efficient rail networks in Europe.

Air Transport

Air Transport

Ireland enjoys extensive air connectivity with Asia, Europe and North America through a network of international airports located across the country. With flights to almost 200 destinations in 43 countries, Dublin Airport offers excellent air connectivity options. Cork Airport offers more than 50 routes, while Shannon Airport serves over 31 destinations. In addition, the only US Pre-Clearance facilities in Europe are located at Dublin and Shannon Airports, offering a key advantage for transatlantic travel. Agreement to expand these facilities was reached in 2019.



Irish ports offer trade and transport services, facilities and maritime supply chain solutions to a wide variety of business sectors. In 2017 Irish ports handled approximately 53 million tonnes of goods, a near record volume. As a result, each of the Tier 1 ports at Dublin, Cork and Limerick are currently investing multi-million euro sums in expansion and upgrade projects guided by strategic masterplans. This is being complemented by enhancement works at Tier 2 ports, such as Rosslare and Waterford, to provide for improved access to the continental European market. This investment will ensure the long-term provision of efficient and competitive port services to meet the growing needs of our open trading economy.

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