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Michael Lohan, officially appointed as the new CEO of IDA Ireland - 2023

Michael Lohan who was officially appointed as our new CEO on the 17th of April shares his top three priorities for 2023, why Ireland is a proven location for #FDI, and of course, how he feels about taking up the new role as CEO of IDA Ireland. #InvestInIreland #WhyIreland #CEO
Published 13/06/2023

Why Japanese BioPharma is Embracing Ireland 2

Join Darrin Morrissey, CEO of NIBRT National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Rory Mullen, Head of BioPharma IDA Ireland and James Dinniss, Plant Director Takeda Ireland and discover why Japanese BioPharma is embracing Ireland
Published 26/04/2023

Ireland The Next Destination for Japanese Businesses Webinar 3

Join Nobufumi Kurita, Strategy GM at Otsuka Medical Devices, Isao Kuwahara, Senior Expert Solutions Service Projects at Alps Alpine and Derek Fitzgerald from IDA Ireland and discover why Ireland is the Next Destination for Japanese businesses
Published 26/04/2023

Ireland Europe's MedTech Hotspot

Rachel Shelly Head of MedTech at IDA, Mark Hennessy, Site Lead at Bausch & Lomb , Ireland and James Winters, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Teleflex discuss why Ireland is Europe’s MedTech hotspot
Published 26/04/2023

St. Patrick's Day 2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A day when the world grows green. To find out how our experience and expertise helps overseas businesses flourish in Ireland, visit
Published 15/03/2023

Mary Buckley, IDA Ireland Interim CEO talks about the 2022 IDA Ireland Annual Results

At the IDA Ireland 2023 Annual Conference, Mary Buckley, presents and discusses the outstanding 2022 IDA Ireland Annual Results. Mary, took the opportunity to thank the clients companies, recognising the ongoing commitment and contributions of IDA clients companies in Ireland with the delivery of the absolutely excellent results in 2022. #23annualconf #WhyIreland #2022annualresults
Published 20/01/2023

Frank Ryan, IDA Ireland Chairman, Opening Remarks: IDA Annual Conference 2023

IDA Ireland Chairman, Frank Ryan, opening remarks and welcoming all colleagues and guests at the IDA Annual Conference 2023. Frank also took the opportunity to thank the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for his steadfast support of the work of the organization and congratulated the Minister Simon Conveney on his appointment as Minister for Enterprise Trade and Employment. #23annualconf #investinireland #WhyIreland
Published 19/01/2023

Tommie Gorman, Broadcaster & Journalist interview: IDA Annual Conference 2023

Renowned Irish journalist & broadcaster, Tommie Gorman, speaks to IDA Ireland Head of Corporate Strategy & Planning, Breda O'Sullivan, about what the future holds for Ireland in terms of its relationship with its neighbours. Tommy retired from RTE in 2021 after over 40 years reporting from the Northwest from Brussels and from Belfast making him the perfect person for this interview which is focused on looking forward Ireland and its neighbours in 2023. #23annualconf #InvestInIreland #WhyIreland
Published 17/01/2023

Climate activist Alannah Wrynn interview: IDA Annual Conference 2023

17 year-old youth activist and student Alannah Wrynn talks to IDA Ireland Head of Digitisation, IT, Global Facilities, Marketing Communications, and Corporate Governance, Shane Nolan, about what inspired her through her activism journey. Alannah has been involved in activism for the past two years as a chairperson for the County Youth Council (2021-2022) she spearheaded projects to support both gender equality and education. Alannah has also been a delegate of the National Youth assembly and is an active member of Fridays For Future Cork, a youth-led strike movement to support sustainable methods of food production and protection of Ireland's biodiversity. #23annualconf #InvestInIreland #WhyIreland
Published 17/01/2023