33 research infrastructure projects bag €53.3m in SFI funding

The projects range from a new platform to test novel fertilisers to a one-stop shop for battery development.
Published 11/01/2023

€10m Irish project to focus on quantum tech’s potential to secure data

Researchers will collaborate on integrating secure quantum devices and systems into Ireland’s comms infrastructure.
Published 11/01/2023

Seven offshore renewables projects given boost by Government

The Government has granted the first Maritime Area Consents for offshore wind projects following the publication of its Climate Action Plan 2023.
Published 11/01/2023

Irish-led project to treat diabetes with a cheek patch bags €3.8m from EU

Led by UCD’s Prof David Brayden, the project aims to treat type 2 diabetes by administering insulin through the cheek using a wearable patch.
2 minute read
Published 06/12/2022