25th July 2019, Wexford - Traco Power Solutions, who design and distribute electronic power supplies, today celebrated their 30th anniversary in Wexford with a special event to mark the occasion.
The event was attended by the company’s owner, Mr. Rolf Caspar and other senior company leaders and by Brendan Howlin TD, who officially opened the company when it established operations in Wexford in 1989, trading as Convertec Ltd.
Convertec Ltd. was established in Wexford by Dr. Werner Wölfle and Mr. Hans Caspar, to manufacture DC-DC converters for sale through its Swiss distribution company, Traco Electronic AG and its German distribution company Comptec GmbH. The company is now owned by its immediate parent company, Traco Electronic AG. Operating in Ireland as Traco Power Solutions Ltd, its main activities are the design and distribution of power supplies.  The company employs 40 people at its site in Whitemills Industrial Estate in Wexford.
Speaking about the company’s 30th anniversary in Ireland, Mr. Rolf Caspar said:

“We started with a factory and a small development team and, over time, put more emphasis on development while increasingly delocalising production as a result of cost pressures. We continue to find favourable conditions in Ireland and look forward to assuming more responsibility for the development of the product portfolio of the Traco Power Group.”

Deputy Brendan Howlin congratulated the company on its anniversary, saying: “Thirty years ago I was embarking on a career in politics, just as Convertec was breaking new ground in Wexford. Thankfully both endeavours have proven successful.  Longevity in business is to be celebrated. Convertec, now Traco Power Solutions, is a welcome permanent feature of Wexford’s manufacturing landscape. I believe that the confidence displayed thirty years ago by Dr Werner Wölfle and Hans Caspar in coming to Wexford has been well justified.  I look forward to being invited back to an expanded company to celebrate your 50th Anniversary here.”
IDA Ireland’s Denis Curran, Divisional Manager, Regional Business Development, who also attended the event, said: “Traco Power’s story in Ireland has been one of continuous transformation and innovation which has resulted in its longevity. A company’s 30th anniversary is a significant milestone. Congratulations to the employees here in Wexford who have made a huge contribution to the company’s success. I’d like to thank Mr. Rolf Caspar for his commitment to Wexford and the region and wish him, new Managing Director Luis De Sousa and his team continued success.”
Retired Managing Director of Traco Power Solutions, Dr Werner Wölfle talked about the many changes the company has gone through over the last 30 years and quoted Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa; “If we want everything to stay as it is, we have to allow everything to change.”
Managing Director of Traco Power Solutions, Luis De Sousa said: “Traco Power Solutions have gone through several decades of global competition and delocalization of industrial jobs. It has survived and is one of the few power supply companies remaining in Ireland. I’m really impressed and I will have to preserve this legacy as the new Managing Director. I foresee an amazing future at Wexford for Traco Power with sustainable growth, competitive technologies and skilled jobs.“