Dublin, 4th May 2021 - neuroons, a technology company specialised in Data Intelligence, is expanding into the international market by establishing its headquarters in Dublin.  The company is creating 20 jobs and is hiring people in Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and DevOps.

neuroons is a leading European IT Solutions provider of the most disruptive projects and services in Artificial Intelligence, Data, Internet of Things and Digital User Interaction, the most advanced technologies in UX/UI.

neuroons is a subsidiary of OpenSistemas, an established Spanish headquartered tech company with a long history in the industry.

"Dublin is the ideal place to establish our International headquarters. From here, our international team is already working on bringing neuroons’ proposition to Public and Private enterprises across Ireland and the UK.," says Javier Sotomayor, CEO of neuroons.

The company's open culture has facilitated the start-up of operations at an international level. The innovative and creative people involved in neuroons’ team, regardless of where they are located, have a common goal: changing the world and generating confidence in customers through the creation of products and services that move society forward.

neuroons’ business proposal is based on the use of artificial intelligence and continuous learning as the pillars for offering innovative services and products, while maintaining the open source inspiration coming from the company’s origins.

"neuroons have a strong connection with the social sphere, and one of its main objectives is humanising technology. In neurons, we bring neurons to the future, we bring intelligence to the data that are transforming society. An intelligent society with high-level technology available will make people's lives easier and happier", claims Sotomayor.

About neuroons
neuroons is an international IT solutions provider, with a premium track record in delivering innovative results in Artificial Intelligence, Data, Internet of Things, and User Interaction technologies
neuroons is focused on easing the kinds of changes that will help companies work more efficiently, gain more knowledge about its own business, and make them grow through innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

neuroons was born as part of OpenSistemas in 2020. OpenSistemas is a well established technology consulting firm in Spain. The relationship between both brands is then based on the maturity of a discipline: in neuroons it is conceived and incubated and in OpenSistemas it is industrialized and exploited.