Skillnet Ireland and IDA Ireland are pleased to announce the recent accreditation of their Strategic Talent Development Programme. The ‘Certificate in Strategic Talent Development’ offers participants a micro-credential award worth 5 ECTS at Level 9 on the NFQ from the Graduate Business School, Faculty of Business at TU Dublin. 

Skillnet Ireland has been successfully delivering the Strategic Talent Development Programme to IDA companies since 2021, with 39 companies and 58 individuals participating in the programme to date. 

The ‘Certificate in Strategic Talent Development’ supports companies in identifying the core skills and competencies required to deliver on their business strategy and build a robust talent development strategy and plan.  
Welcoming the official accreditation of the programme, Mark Jordan, Skillnet Ireland Chief Strategy Officer, said: “The Strategic Talent Development Programme is making a real difference for FDI businesses who recognise that investment in talent development is imperative to maintain competitiveness and sustain growth. As the programme continued to evolve, it became clear that accreditation would be valuable for participants. We are delighted to partner with TU Dublin on delivering the newly accredited Certificate in Strategic Talent Development, which will continue to support IDA client companies to achieve their strategic goals.” 
Breda O’Toole, IDA Ireland Head of Talent Transformation & Innovation, said: “Since launching, the Strategic Talent Development Programme has been hugely successful in enabling IDA Ireland client companies to develop a talent strategy that directly aligns with and contributes to their business objectives. We are so pleased with the continued efforts of our partners Skillnet Ireland and TU Dublin, as they continue to enhance and further develop this newly accredited programme that supports our multinational clients.” 
Dr Colin Hughes, Head of TU Dublin Graduate Business School, said: “Micro-credentials are playing an increasingly significant role in allowing businesses to upskill their workforce in key areas, with short lead-in times and flexible learning options that limit the impact on day-to-day operations. Due to its pivotal role in fostering a skilled workforce that can adapt to the dynamic market demands, strategic talent development is an area of great importance for businesses in Ireland. The TU Dublin Enterprise Academy, a Human Capital Initiative project, connects TU Dublin Faculties with enterprise partners and are proud to have been part of this partnership with Skillnet Ireland and IDA Ireland on the Strategic Talent Development Programme. The programme represents best in class in the delivery of targeted upskilling, that enhances workforce capabilities and contributes to organisational resilience and agility."
Open to IDA Ireland client companies, programme participants will identify their business objectives and/or challenges and determine how they can be addressed through the development of a formalised talent strategy. They will learn how to implement a model to create meaningful work with opportunities for growth, devise a consistent approach to employee development and foster a positive culture of continuous learning. On completion, the capabilities and methodologies acquired will enable companies to adopt a strategic approach to long-term talent development. Companies will also develop a strategic talent development plan as part of the programme. 

The TU Dublin accredited ‘Certificate in Strategic Talent Development’ micro-credential programme will be delivered online, through a structured blend of workshops and one-to-one mentoring with expert workforce development mentors. Participants will receive a micro-credential award worth 5 ECTS at Level 9 on the NFQ from the Graduate Business School, Faculty of Business at TU Dublin.