Boston, Sunday 10th March 2019

IDA Ireland, the Agency charged with attracting foreign investment into Ireland, has welcomed today's report which examines what Ireland will need to do to ensure that the country is equipped to foster and attract the jobs of the future.

Speaking from Boston, Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland said:  "FDI has been critical to the success of the Irish economy for decades, but we cannot take it for granted.  The pace of change in terms of new technologies and business models has never been faster.  We need to continue to invest in those things that will make our economy competitive into the future and equip people with the skills to secure sustainable jobs.

The positive economic impact of IDA Ireland clients to the wider economy is significant.  FDI accounts for 16% of private sector employment, 67% of national exports from Ireland, €5.7 bn capital investment and it contributes over €19.2 bn to the economy annually.  Ensuring that we are prepared for the next wave of development in sectors including the Technology, BioPharma, MedTech and Inernational Financial Services sector will be key to Ireland's future development."