IDA Ireland and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) met with potential investors in London to highlight Ireland’s potential as a solution for international Broadcasters post-Brexit
Monday 12th March 2018 – IDA Ireland in collaboration with The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and leading media consultants Expert Media Partners held an information seminar in London last week for broadcasters who may need to relocate key functions after Brexit in order to continue broadcasting across the EU.

The invite only seminar covered topics such as the expected licensing issues that Brexit will create; the licensing regime in Ireland as a solution to these issues, and the supports and incentives available to broadcasters and content creators in Ireland.

Speaking ahead of the event Shane Nolan, Senior Vice President IDA Ireland said:
“IDA sees the broadcasting sector as another regulated sector, alongside financial services, technology and pharma that may require a post-Brexit solution, depending on how the Brexit negotiations proceed.”

“UK-based international broadcasters face serious challenges post-Brexit, with any potential Brexit deal likely to put the UK outside the current Audio-Visual Media Services Directive licensing regime and, by extension the Country of Origin (COO) principle.

“Some UK based broadcasters may need to find alternative regulatory approval post-Brexit for broadcasting into the EU should Ofcom no longer be deemed a recognised regulatory authority by the European Commission.”

International broadcasters must therefore evaluate options in alternative EU member states to continue to meet COO requirements post Brexit. We have started to engage at a high level with some key targets already and conversations are at an exploratory stage.”

For existing broadcasters in the UK Ireland offers a very familiar and accessible licensing regime
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland are actively engaged with a number of broadcasters who are exploring their options at present added Michael O’Keeffe, its Chief Executive.