19th January 2018 - IDA Ireland has today announced that it will be partnering with Science Gallery International to bring an innovative exhibition, PORTALS, to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting taking place in Davos next week. PORTALS was curated collaboratively by Science Gallery International and the World Economic Forum, and features four immersive gateways that invite participants into wholly different realities and ways of experiencing the world.

It is about reclaiming technology for a meaningful human exchange. It presents visitors with the opportunity to see how much of themselves they can really see reflected in others, reminding them of what makes them human and connecting them with each other in more meaningful ways. Davos 2018 is the fourth major collaboration between Science Gallery International and the World Economic Forum over the last year.

Welcoming the collaboration ahead of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, CEO of IDA Ireland Martin Shanahan said: “IDA Ireland is very proud to be partnering with Science Gallery International on this remarkable exhibition at the World Economic Forum.  The exhibition will allow us to showcase Ireland’s cutting edge innovation abilities to the world and is one which will resonate strongly with our client companies – many of whom are leaders in innovation globally.”

“Artificial intelligence is now the focal point for most technology companies who are engaging in R & D projects. Ireland is home to a world-class scientific research ecosystem which is pioneering the AI revolution.  Our client companies choose Ireland for the young, skilled and well-educated workforce who possess strong technological and business skills, as well as our pro-business infrastructure and attractive tax regime. I look forward to the opportunity to further explore the Science Gallery International’s work at Davos.”

IDA Ireland plays a leading role in supporting multinational companies drive their organisations in Ireland.

“The interplay of science, art and creativity brings the future forward. Science Gallery enables everyone from young adults to world leaders to shape the technological, economic and ethical issues of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our collaborations with the World Economic Forum are testament to how critical our work is to sustain innovation and shape the future of education” said Dr. Andrea Bandelli, Executive Director Science Gallery International and World Economic Forum Cultural Leader.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the IDA Ireland. Science Gallery was founded in Trinity College Dublin, and in the next three years we will reach 6 million people annually with Galleries in London, Venice, Melbourne, Bengaluru and Detroit.”

Science Gallery International is the independent not-for-profit catalysing the growth of the Global Science Gallery Network. It is the world’s first global network of universities dedicated to public engagement with science and art. Their focus is on 15-25 years olds, unleashing their creative potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. With over 3M visitors to date, the Network is set to scale to reaching directly 6M young people by 2020. The pioneering Science Gallery is based at Trinity College Dublin.