In 2013, HubSpot opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin with the commitment to hire 150 people within the first three years. Since then, the team and office fondly known as ‘DubSpot’ has more than tripled in size, outgrowing its original space and expanding across One and Two Dockland Central. Most recently in 2016, HubSpot shared it would hire an additional 320 Dublin-based employees over three years.
Today, DubSpot announced it’s not done growing, this time expanding its footprint across the river Liffey with a new state-of-the-art office space dubbed ‘HubSpot House.’ In addition, HubSpot will commit to 450 new jobs by 2023, enabling the company to help millions of organisations across EMEA grow better.

With this growth, all of HubSpot’s business functions will continue to expand in Ireland - from building core software as an engineer to supporting our global and diverse customer base in sales and services roles. Positions will be available in our Docklands offices, HubSpot House, as well as fully remote across Ireland.

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