Ireland’s Green Initiatives

Jessica Benson shares three positive trends that are helping Ireland deliver on sustainability goals – strategies organisations should consider taking on board.
4 minute read
Published 02/08/2022

Shifting the Talent Pool

With advanced manufacturing accounting for 36.7% of GDP in Ireland, and employing 231,000 direct employees, technology is driving manufacturing breakthroughs across all manufacturing sectors. Jennifer McShane speaks to Domhnall Carroll, Site Director at the National Advanced Manufacturing Centre about why Ireland is the best place to attract the STEM talent needed to keep up with this advancing industry. 
5 minute read
Published 28/07/2022

Innovating Throughout History

Ireland may be the land of saints and scholars, but did you know it's also served as home to a growing list of women who've made their mark on a global scale? Meg Walker highlights just a few inspiring Irish women of the past two centuries so you can share their stories with the next generation.
5 minute read
Published 26/07/2022

A Safer Vision for the Future

The west of Ireland is proving to be the ideal location to test pioneering technologies that will make human drivers and autonomous vehicles safer and more reliable in the years ahead - and latest developments show that partnerships are key to staying ahead of the game in this space globally.
5 minute read
Published 22/07/2022

The Digital Bridge

A new subsea telecoms cable connecting Ireland with Iceland will land at Galway this year. Ballyloughane Strand will serve as the landing site for this high capacity fibre optic telecoms cable which will serve as a "digital bridge" between Ireland and Iceland.
4 minute read
Published 19/07/2022

Cavan Calling

Aisling O’Toole on why Cavan could be the place for your next expansion.
6 minute read
Published 18/07/2022

Regional development

Regional development remains central to our ambitions. Although it is not a silver bullet, FDI can help propel recovery and realise more balanced growth. Global FDI has historically exhibited a preference for large urban locations, where benefits arising from a critical mass of businesses and people can be amplified relative to smaller regional locations. The rise in remote working since the pandemic may alter location decisions to a certain extent and create increased competition for talent.
5 minute read
Published 13/07/2022

IDA Strategy Implementation

IDA’s four-year organisational strategy aims to consolidate and build on the positive impact of FDI as Ireland pursues a jobs-led recovery that seizes on the opportunities of the green and digital transitions. We have made significant progress implementing the strategy since its publication in January 2021, including the development of implementation plans by IDA’s operating divisions to support the achievement of objectives across our strategic pillars of Growth, Transformation, Regions, Sustainability and Impact.
4 minute read
Published 12/07/2022

Impact of FDI

Through its direct and indirect impacts, Ireland’s FDI base is a core national asset. The contribution of our client companies is tangible, substantive and something that we do not take for granted.
3 minute read
Published 08/07/2022