Ireland has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in Europe. The telecommunications market is fully de-regulated and numerous companies have entered the market. Large investments in recent years have resulted in state-of-the-art optical networks with world-class national and international connectivity.


Energy infrastructure is a critical component in attracting business to Ireland. EirGrid controls the Irish national grid and the development of high voltage infrastructure to serve Ireland's economy. It is currently developing a large number of major transmission projects that will boost Ireland’s already impressive network. Ireland is also taking a lead in promoting the sustainable energy sector. The Irish coastline has an abundance of renewable energy, in the offshore wind and wave sectors. Ireland’s renewable energy strategy is focused on further developing the country’s sustainable energy infrastructure to benefit the economy. 


Irish Water is Ireland’s new national water utility that is responsible for providing and developing water services throughout Ireland.

Irish Water’s remit includes bringing the water and waste water services of the 34 Local Authorities together under one national service provider.


Transport 21 is the €34.4 billion national transport investment programme that is being implemented over the 10-year period  from 2006-2015. This strategy has seen a rapid improvement in Ireland’s road and motorway network to promote sustainable national economic and employment growth, while strengthening Ireland’s international competitiveness.


In the past decade, infrastructural improvements have been complemented by significant investments in rolling stock. As a result, Ireland’s rail network has the youngest inter city fleet in Europe. Service capacity and reliability have also much improved and passenger demand has responded, averaging a 4% per annum growth.


Ireland has four International Airports - Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Belfast and five regional airports and is well serviced by international and regional flights. 

Number of Weekly Flights into each Airport

Destination  Dublin  Cork  Shannon 
London 364 56 42
UK Other  488 74 17
Paris 87 7 4
Lyon 8   1
Frankfurt 35    
Munich 21 2  
Berlin 25   2
Dusseldorf 18 2  
Madrid  36    
Barcelona 38 4  
Brussels 37    
Luxembourg 6    
Milan 28 2  
Rome 26    
Amsterdam 35 13  
Copenhagen  17    
Stockholm 11    
Prague 11    
Zurich 16   1
Basel 3    
Geneva 11    
Warsaw 11   2
Budapest 13    
New York  48   20
Boston 14   7
Chicago 27   12
Atlanta 7    
Charlotte 7    
Philadelphia 7   7
San Francisco 7    
Washington 14    
Los Angeles 7    
Dubai  14    
Abu Dhabi 14    
Toronto  25    

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