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We provide comprehensive support to your company as you consider how Ireland is the country best suited for your investment.  IDA Ireland - the source of all you need to know on your investment journey.

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Funding Programmes and Incentives

Funding and grants are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered to both new and existing clients. All funding is negotiated on a case by case basis in compliance with EU and Irish legislation.

Capital & Employment

The level and availability of support is dependent on location and size of the company.

Training Grants

Available across the country to develop the competitive capabilities of companies already located in Ireland.

Research, Development & Innovation

Companies can avail of financial incentives to carry out in-house R&D projects and collaborative projects with third-level institutes and industrial partners. There is also a 25% tax credit available for companies engaging in R&D.

Supporting Innovation in Ireland Infographic
R&D supports for small multinational companies


This programme is designed to encourage clients to adopt lean business principles to increase performance and competitiveness that will sustain and grow their operations in Ireland. Lean tools and techniques help companies to address competitiveness issues and build the capability to identify problems and take an innovative approach to their solutions. The Lean Business Offer has been developed for companies engaged in both manufacturing and services activities.

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Business Asset Grant

IDA Ireland ‘s Business Asset Grant supports client companies to replace old equipment with new or acquire new technology upgrades.
The purpose is to help clients increase their capacity and capability to deliver to new and existing markets.

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Competitiveness Benchmark

A tool to measure a company’s performance
against national and international competition;
providing a springboard to improve competitiveness

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International Marketing Programme

Assistance with international marketing expertise

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Mentor Programme

Mentors in our network can provide tailored
advice, guidance and support, to help you accelerate
growth and build management capability.

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IDA Ireland’s “Go Green”

IDA Ireland’s “Go Green” Business Offers is designed to encourage IDA clients to adopt green business principles in their organisation to increase competitiveness and achieve international environmental best practices

Download IDA Ireland’s “Go Green”

IDA Ireland’s "Innovate Programme"

IDA Ireland’s “Innovate Programme”  is designed to encourage clients’ growth through proactive management of their innovation activities

Download IDA Ireland’s “Innovate Programme"


IDA Ireland offers a range of services to companies considering investing in Ireland. From facts and funding to site visits and property solutions, we've got the answers to your FDI questions.

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