Global Importance

Circa €2 billion invested in Biopharma R&D by IDA client companies annually with an additional €1Billion in Cap Ex added each year.
Companies, research and government link to create the Irish advanced manufacturing landscape.

Deep Pool of Talent

Ireland has one of the youngest and most highly educated populations in Europe. This provides a rich and strong pool of talent for the sector, which continues to benefit from high levels of investment in third-level education and the growth of collaborative clusters.


Ireland’s universities in the fields of Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Bio Technology have strong cooperative links with the sector. Feedback from the industry in terms of its skills needs feeds directly into the universities and drives Ireland’s pursuit of Biopharmaceutical academic excellence.

Track Record

Manufacturing excellence in Biopharmaceuticals is a hallmark of Ireland's success in the sector. This is constantly driving growth and Ireland has seen continued capital investment averaging at €1 billion per annum over the last 10 years. Circa €2 billion invested annually in Biopharma R&D by IDA client companies.

Regulation & standards

Ireland has an exemplary compliance record with the regulatory agencies, including the FDA and EMA, who collaborate and work closely with Ireland’s Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) to achieve trouble-free compliance.

International Reputation

Ireland’s regulatory track record is excellent. The Health Product Regulatory Authority (HPRA), operates in accordance with European and global standard procedures boasts an excellent international reputation in regulatory compliance.


The HPRA are committed to supporting all stakeholders in managing the regulatory and operational implications arising from Brexit. The HPRA has established an internal working group to ensure that Ireland is prepared for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.


Ireland has a significant track record of clinical and academic research excellence. The Irish government in its National Development Plan - Project Ireland 2040 has committed to funding research to further bolster Ireland’s reputation as a growing hub for research and development. The National Development Plan is a ten year strategy in support of infrastructure priorities to the higher education sector.

Training Centre

Key to Ireland’s attractiveness to FDI is the quality of our education system and of our graduates. Ireland has the highest level of STEM graduates per capita in the EU. A new dedicated Government Department for Higher Education, Innovation and Science established in July 2020.

The National Institute for Bioprocess Research and Training (NIBRT), created from a €60million investment by the IDA, gave practical training to over 4,000 people in 2019. Senior executives from the sector sit on the NIBRT board in the knowledge that the availability of suitably trained staff is a key determinant of success in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing. NIBRT have identified ATMPs as a future growth area and are in the process of implementing a cap investment plan to deliver on this project.


IDA Ireland provide direct funding to companies to carry out in house RD&I and Training.(RD&I) grant is open to application by clients of IDA Ireland wishing to develop innovative products, processes and services it aims to increase the number of companies performing effective RD&I in Ireland.

In Addition to in house R&D there are multiple opportunities for research collaborations. Majority of these are funded through Science Foundation Ireland. (SFI) with an annual budget of circa €200 million funds a significant portion of basic research in the Biopharmaceutical sector, especially with regards to understanding cancer, autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s.


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