While Ireland has a long track record in attracting large multinational companies, its reputation for attracting High Growth companies is now also flourishing. Since 2010, over 150 High Growth global companies have chosen to establish their operations in Ireland, working alongside IDA Ireland.


Ireland offers High Growth companies the ability to quickly establish their operations and rapidly execute their business model. They also benefit from a strong pool of local talent (Ireland is ranked number one for the availability of skilled people), a streamlined visa process for non-European citizens and a long-established, innovative and robust infrastructure.


A wide variety of High Growth companies are choosing Ireland as a launch pad to global success. These companies are characterised by swift growth and disruptive business models, including leading Platform as a Service provider Engineyard,  the job search engine Indeed.com and Software as a Service provider Marketo.

European Base

The IDA is actively working across all sectors with small, High Growth companies keen to internationalise and grow their business. Companies such as Etsy, SquareSpace, Qualtrics, and MongoDB have chosen Ireland for this purpose.

Established Environment

High Growth businesses represent an increasingly important part of Ireland’s high tech, innovative business eco-system. Their position allows them to link up with established multinationals in ICT, Life Sciences, Financial Services and globally traded businesses forming mutually beneficial relationships. Their presence also strengthens Ireland’s position as Europe’s second most entrepreneurial country.

Vibrant Start-Up Scene

Ireland has become a thriving hotbed of entrepreneurial activity where mentors, advisors and angel investors are highly visible and active. While raising capital will always be a challenge, the nature of new funds investing in Ireland (such as Highland, Tribal, Frontline, Polaris) are much more founder-friendly and Valley-connected than their predecessors.


High Growth businesses represent an increasingly important part of Ireland’s high tech business ecosystem. These companies can readily tap into the country’s pool of talent and established infrastructure that has been ranked as a top performer when it comes to delivering innovation. 

Flexible Workforce

Ireland tops the rankings for flexibility and adaptability of its labour market. This should be no surprise given 50% of people are aged under 35.

Connect & Collaborate

High Growth companies are encouraged to make the most of opportunities to connect with third-level institutions and their graduates, as well as with indigenous companies of similar scale and potential. Such connections are actively encouraged and facilitated by IDA Ireland.

Your Contact for High Growth

Rory Mullen leads a dedicated team focused on the business needs of High Growth companies.  To date, over 100 high growth companies have successfully scaled and internationalised using Ireland as their European base. IDA’s team has members on the ground in California - Irvine and Mountain View,  Atlanta, New York, Austin, London and Frankfurt as well as Ireland.

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