Global companies in the Life Sciences, ICT and Engineering sectors, like Merck, Apple and ABB, have decades of experience in Ireland. Each one has capitalised on Ireland’s swift response to the need for higher-value capabilities and expanded their Manufacturing operations in Ireland to span the full range of business functions.

Track Record

Ireland has developed a high level of plant engineering and large-scale construction expertise. It also has the experience and skills to manage outsourced production on an international scale. Such a solid and deep skill base has earned Ireland an excellent reputation as a centre of Manufacturing excellence, Logistics planning and Advanced Manufacturing management practices.

Adaptable Workforce

The successful transition from Manufacturing to Advanced Manufacturing capabilities was achieved by targeting high-value Manufacturing operations that are knowledge, capital and skills intensive. A highly adaptable, creative and innovative workforce was a key element behind this successful transition.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

This high-value sector demands the addition of value across the whole product lifecycle from Research and Development to Design, Distribution, Marketing and Support Services. Building and sustaining competitive advantage requires advanced skills, expertise and experience, which Ireland's high-skills, knowledge-based economy delivers.


Ireland’s attraction to multinational corporations is based on a variety of factors, from low tax to the quality of the workforce.

Pro-Business, Low Tax

Successive governments have taken action to sustain Ireland’s pro-business, low-tax business environment, maintaining the 12.5% corporate tax rate and attracting new investment through measures such as the recent increase in the flexible Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) tax credit to 25%.

Academic Research Collaboration

World-class academic institutions collaborate with multinationals in a dynamic RDI sector that has helped build Ireland’s reputation for research talent and innovation.

Skills, Experience, Flexibility

Workers and managers have developed high-level skills and experience operating multinational manufacturing facilities, earning a reputation for flexibility, creativity and productivity along the way.

Constantly Evolving

Constantly Evolving

Irish Manufacturing subsidiaries are continually evolving to meet the changing and challenging needs of the environment they operate in and the ever-increasing competitive pressures. In response they continue to develop their capabilities and move up the value chain to take on higher-value, knowledge and capital-intensive activities.

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