Press Release 30 May 2012

Qualvu Inc., a key emerging player in the provision of video-based qualitative research, is to establish its EMEA headquarters in Dublin with the creation of 15 new, high-quality jobs. Qualvu has introduced disruptive technology into the $6.0 billion qualitative research market and are the global pioneers in qualitative platform and video processing development. Their approach takes qualitative out of the traditional focus group and into the real lives of consumers and makes it easy for researchers to gather video-based consumer behaviour and opinions in a natural context – at home, while shopping  or online. Qualvu combines this technology with a project management and research team to deliver insightful, strategic reports and recommendations to end clients.

Amongst Qualvu’s existing clients are P&G, eBay, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Disney and Adidas. The company’s investment in Ireland is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

Qualvu’s technology is used around the world, and European companies are increasingly interested in these innovative methods  to understand the high growth, diverse and distant BRIC markets which are expensive and difficult in which to conduct research.  Currently Qualvu undertakes research in over 30 markets and twelve languages.  The reach of online technologies mean that companies no longer need to travel to focus groups as part of their research process, which can further limit the number of clients who can view the consumer responses.  Using smartphones , webcams and flipcams , consumer video generates rich, in-depth qualitative responses.  Qualitative research is utilized by global brands to guide decisions on new product development, target needs, brand positioning and so on.     

Core to their technology is the processing of all video - including  multi-lingual responses  - into accurate transcripts, enabling fast and scalable analysis of vast quantities of video data, keyword search,, and the creation of video highlight reels used in online reports.  Eight jobs have already been created.  The company plans to grow European demand for its solutions, and if so will generate additional positions.  The jobs will be in the areas of management, client support and business development.

Commenting on the announcement, John Williamson, CEO of Qualvu said, ‘Ireland is the ideal location for Qualvu’s EMEA headquarters, it is accessible, has a multinational workforce and is highly cost competitive. Europe has a higher spend on qualitative research than the US and so from this base in Dublin we will be able to grow and provide strong support to our European client base. I would like to thank the Irish Government and IDA Ireland for their support in setting up this operation, and I look forward to the continued growth of Qualvu in Ireland.’

For further information please contact:
Anne-Marie O’Sullivan, Director EMEA, Tel: +353 (0) 1 4425335, Mob: +353 (0) 87 9296881


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