Press Release 01 Nov 2012

NTT DATA Corporation (President and CEO: Toshio Iwamoto; Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan) and Telecommunications Software & Systems Group - TSSG (Director: Willie Donnelly; Head office: Waterford, Ireland), have launched a collaborative research project on data analysis utilizing Big Data and Business Analytics in the smart grids field, starting in November, 2012.

NTT DATA and TSSG will jointly focus on conducting socially motivated research, initially in the smart grids domain, which will have an impact for system stabilization, operational management optimization, and service improvement. The team will announce results of this collaborative research in April 2013.

The world is facing severe challenges in managing the delicate balance between electric power generation and consumption. These challenges are compounded by the need for more effective mechanisms to manage the earth’s scare resources, with increasing attention given to energy production from renewable sources. Technological advances in renewable energy generation, electric vehicles and smart grid technologies for energy distribution and management, are paving the way for a cleaner, greener, and more efficient energy supply chain.

A critical element of smart grid technology is its ability to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to gather and act on information, about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers. To enable this, advances in two key areas are critical: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies to gather the data and Big Data technologies to store and analyze the (diverse) data to enable autonomous decisions to be made, based on the real-time performance of the entire supply chain. NTT DATA and TSSG are embarking on a collaborative research project specifically to investigate system optimization and service improvement based on analysis of the massive multi-dimensional data generated throughout the energy supply system. In this collaborative effort, NTT DATA will lead the research in building reactive algorithms that autonomously adjust based on variable conditions, while TSSG will apply its domain knowledge in smart grid research and lead the M2M research component.  Through this research, they expect to push the state of the art in the areas of algorithmic development using Big Data technologies and M2M communications in the smart grids domain.
The main objective of this research is to develop the data analysis technology which detects changes in status, and dynamically adjusts the corresponding data analysis model. In smart grids, it is necessary to react quickly to fluctuating variables and accurately control the balance between energy supply and demand. These data analysis models can then be used for short to medium term energy prediction to enable all elements of the energy chain forecast supply and demand with confidence.

NTT DATA has commenced researching Big Data / Business Analytics topics in 2006 and is now recognized as a global business leader in those technical fields. They have focused on building strategic research partnerships with world class research centers in the area of M2M communications specifically in the smart grids domain. This direct investment by NTT DATA is seen as an endorsement of TSSG’s reputation as world leaders in network communications and data management research and development and will further promote Ireland’s highly skilled researchers on the world stage. This work will provide the foundation for a long term strategic partnership in Big Data / Business Analytics between NTT DATA and TSSG.

Dr. Kitani, Vice President, Head of Research and Development Headquarters of NTT DATA, said:“NTT DATA has been expanding partnerships with research institutes worldwide to explore advanced technologies and create new services. This collaboration in the area of Big Data and Business Analytics with TSSG will have numerous achievements from many industry led research projects providing solutions to real-world issues. In particular this partnership will be the first step for NTT DATA to extend our R&D capabilities into Ireland, one of the best countries to develop innovative solution.”

Dr Donnelly, Director of the TSSG, said:“The establishment of a partnership with NTT DATA is an important step in the strategic development of the TSSG. The emergence of machine to machine (M2M) communications means that over 20bn connected devices are expected by 2020, transforming all aspects of society. The collaboration with NTT DATA is an important step in the creation of a world-class center in M2M communications and data management at the TSSG. This partnership with NTT DATA Japan is an important example of global research collaboration, which will bring economic benefit to Ireland.”

Seán Sherlock TD, the Minister for Research and Innovation in Ireland, who is currently on a Trade Mission to Japan, welcomed the announcement. The Minister said:"The decision by NTT DATA to start their first collaborative R&D project with Ireland through TSSG in Waterford is very significant. My presence here in Japan highlights the importance the Irish Government prescribes to economic relations with Japan. There are opportunities for further collaborations between our countries, particularly in the R&D area."

Welcoming the announcement Shane Nolan, Head of Growth Markets at IDA Ireland said: “The IDA is focused on attracting high-value technology activities from the Asian market. With this in mind, we are very happy to see NTT DATA and TSSG come together to share and develop their knowledge of Business Analytics. The IDA will continue to support both organizations as they develop their relationship in the coming years.”

Editors Notes:

About NTT DATA Corporation
NTT DATA Corporation is one of the leading providers of IT services and solutions in Japan. Offerings include consulting, systems integration and IT outsourcing for major financial, public administration and enterprise sectors. The NTT DATA Group is focusing on rapidly expanding its overseas business by providing high quality IT solutions and consulting services to customers worldwide.  The NTT DATA Group is also in the process of expanding collaboration with overseas research institutes to strengthen global R&D activities.

NTT DATA Corporation provides unique Big Data / Business Analytics services called “Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Lab Service(R)”, services for customers to check the feasibility of business intelligence systems in achieving customer objectives, and data analysis consulting using “BICLAVIS(R)”, NTT DATA’s best analytics design knowledge for Big Data

NTT DATA Corporation:

About TSSG
The TSSG is a world leader in the area of adaptive networks and services with particular emphasis on ubiquitous communications environments. Data Analytics and particular the management of Big Data forms a core part of its research program. Through the ‘SFI SRC Fame’ program (Note 1), TSSG has established a strategic research program with many international organizations. It is a major participant in the European Framework Future Internet research program including the FINSENY project (Note 2), addressing smart energy. It has established an innovation platform for the exploitation of its research outs. This platform has resulted in the creation of 10 companies employing more than 200 people.
The TSSG was formed as part of the Waterford Institute of Technology (a university-level institution based in the South East of Ireland with over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff) in 1996 focusing on research in mobile and fixed-line telecoms. TSSG has engaged with over 425 partners across 35 countries worldwide on collaborative research projects. They are considered leaders in the EU Framework Programs (FP) and have contributed significantly to setting the European research agenda.

(Note 1) ‘SFI SRC Fame’ is a Strategic Research Cluster funded by Science Foundation Ireland investigating Federated, Autonomic Management of End-to-end communication services
(Note 2) FINSENY project: Project to conduct demonstration tests in cooperation with ICT businesses and energy-related businesses in Europe with an eye to clarifying ICT requirements for prediction control and optimization by smart grids.

*”BICLAVIS” is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.
*”Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Lab Service” is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.
* Other names of products, companies, and organizations herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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