Press Release 15 May 2017
Dublin, 15th May 2017 – IDA Ireland today launched a report detailing a new national vision and strategy for the Global Business Services (GBS) sector.  The latest strategy is being driven by a new wave of digital disruptors which are currently impacting the industry and will shape its future over the next 5 years.

Since the mid-90s, the GBS sector in Ireland has grown substantially, with some of the original entrants still continuing to be significant employers in the state.  Currently there are over 200 IDA client GBS centres in Ireland employing 45,000.  In order to maintain this this level of employment and to attract new business, the industry in Ireland needs to respond to the rapid and diverse challenges in the sector.

Launching the report Martin Shanahan CEO, IDA Ireland said “‘Global Business Services (GBS) are a key part of the operations of IDA client companies in Ireland.   IDA Ireland continues to secure new GBS investments from the world’s leading companies as they leverage Ireland to build and manage their businesses in the EMEA region and beyond.  

"However, we have to make sure we are prepared for the future, and in an ever changing world, accelerated by digital disruption, it is vitally important for GBS centres to continually evolve, innovate and provide more value for their corporations.

“The GBS vision and roadmap for Ireland is a vital tool for the sector.  The vision – ‘to be Globally recognised as a Centre of Excellence for GBS, leading in specialised talent and innovative business services’ – has the necessary ambition to define where we want to be, as a sector in Ireland and how we want to be seen by both investors and competitors alike going forward.

“IDA Ireland is delighted to facilitate and support this study and report, and in conjunction with our client companies and partners we are confident that the vision and development path that has been jointly established herein, will serve as a valuable guide for the evolution of the GBS Sector in Ireland.
“This evolution will be backed by a suite of IDA supports and the commitment of the whole IDA team to assist our GBS clients in the process.  While the study has focussed on the more conventional sectors relevant to GBS, we also see potential applications for the outputs of the study in the Financial Services and BPO sectors and across many the indigenous GBS sites,” concluded Martin Shanahan.
This report was supported by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the American Chamber of Commerce. A core design group of 15 mature GBS providers located in Ireland were engaged over the course of the report development to build a practical and impactful strategic framework and a roadmap for implementation. Accenture facilitated the discussions as part of the Global Business Services Network.

Full report is available to download here

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