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RECOSI (Regional and European Co-operative for Social Industry) will directly employ up to 20 people in the first year and its Irish partners will generate the additional 180 jobs.

The not-for-profit company’s first partner, The Green Emporium in Newbridge, Co Kildare, will create 10 of these jobs, with plans to employ 30 people at the end of its first year.

RECOSI helps social enterprises refurbish and resell all used IT and electronic equipment that would otherwise end up as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

These enterprises in turn would generate social value through job creation, as well as commercial revenue and environmental protection.

Within five years, RECOSI aims to become Europe’s largest electronic and electrical equipment asset recovery organisation.

Social and environmental value

“RECOSI has been set up to divert IT and electrical goods from being recycled to being reused in a proper professional, controlled way and in this way to generate employment,” the CEO of RECOSI Martin Reddy said.

“Irish people divert thousands of tonnes of WEEE to be recycled every year, a percentage of which is perfectly usable and could be reused again if properly refurbished, tested and licensed.

“Our initial target of 5pc of all WEEE being refurbished and reused will bring over 200 jobs to Ireland in the next three years, and thousands of computers, TVs and white and brown goods will be refurbished and sold at a reasonable price to those in need of good value IT and electronic equipment.”

RECOSI has signed a software licensing deal with Microsoft to supply licences for all PCs and laptops it sells.

It has also partnered with a large data-destruction company to ensure all software and data is wiped from each device.

John Kennedy

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Photo Caption: Katja Zajko, director, business development, RECOSI, with director Michael Horgan

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