Press Release 30 Jul 2014

Dublin, 30th July 2014 -  As indicated in its half year review, IDA Ireland has recently commenced the formulation of a new strategy to replace its successful Horizon 2020 strategy which helped to drive Ireland’s FDI total employment levels to their highest in the IDA’s history.
Speaking today Barry O’Leary, CEO at IDA Ireland said:
“Ireland continues to perform strongly against competitor countries – we are currently ranked as one of the most attractive business locations in the world.”
“As mentioned in our recent Mid-year review, Ireland has had a strong FDI performance and is very much competing strongly in the global marketplace for inward investment.”
“This is due to the value proposition Ireland offers global corporations. This rests on a complex blend of a strong talent pool, a proven track record, strong technology infrastructure, access to EU markets, a reputation for strong research & development (R&D), and a 12.5% corporate tax rate which continues to resonate strongly with investors”.
“Over 100 investments were secured in the first six months of 2014, leading to the creation of 8,000 jobs this year and over future years as the companies roll out their investment plans. The second half of the year looks equally encouraging.”
“Even with all the investment we’ve been seeing in Ireland, we should continue to do everything possible to constantly renew the value proposition - that work never stops and Ireland’s 12.5% tax rate, ability to source talent and emphasis on cost competitiveness will all be vital in the future.”
“Infrastructure, tax and talent will continue to be the areas where countries like Ireland compete for international investment.”

IDA estimates show that for every 10 jobs provided by foreign direct investment (FDI), another seven indirect jobs are generated for the Irish economy.
IDA has successfully implemented its Horizon 2020 strategy, and will shortly begin a process on devising a new corporate strategy for the organisation.
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Kevin Sammon
IDA Ireland

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