Press Release 30 Jan 2015

With the CAO deadline looming on 1st Feb 2015, IDA Ireland, the state agency dealing with some of the biggest companies in the country, wants to remind students that skills in technology, engineering and languages will be highly valuable when they finish education and enter the jobs market.

Ireland’s availability of skilled labour is one of the main reasons given by major firms for establishing their operations and creating jobs in Ireland.  Ireland continues to win investments and has seen job growth across many sectors, including - digital media, technology, financial services/banking,engineering, pharma  and med tech.

Martin Shanahan CEO IDA Ireland said: “The planet is becoming more technical, more connected, more globalised. Employers are looking for candidates with skills in languages, technology and engineering that can help them navigate this new world. Of the over 15,000 new jobs created last year by multinational companies in Ireland, all required a good mix of skills including the sciences, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) and languages. The number of jobs created requiring maths and science skills continues to increase - we would encourage CAO candidates to choose subjects which provide the best opportunity to secure employment in these global corporations.”

“The job opportunities are also across manufacturing as well as services activities.”

“Ireland needs to strongly focus on further developing Digital and IT skills in the second level education system, to provide a solid basis for third level students to develop from.”

IDA Ireland is actively supporting a wide range of important Government initiatives to substantially enhance skills availability to FDI clients and increase job opportunities in Ireland. This includes the recently announced call for proposals from the Apprenticeship Council. This call is an opportunity for groups of companies to come forward with proposals for new modern apprenticeship programmes that closely address some of the key skill needs of industry today.
All stakeholders in Ireland must ensure that the education and training system meets the requirements of both multinational and Irish companies.

To that end, IDA Ireland will continue to work closely with the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Education and Skills, education institutions and forums such as the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs to further align educational courses and qualifications with job opportunities in IDA client companies.

For further information contact:

Gillian Kelly, Public Relations, IDA Ireland - 01 6034190


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