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31 March 2010

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced four prestigious Ph.D. Fellowship Awards to support university researchers in Ireland who are focusing their studies on smarter cities.

The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards is an intensely competitive worldwide programme, which honours exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM, fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines, while creating social and business value.

The awards include:

  • Cathal Coffey, NUI Maynooth: pursuing research in the dynamic mappingand recognition of movement by people in urban spaces.
  • Eamon Keane, Electricity Research Centre, UCD: pursuing research in the performance characteristics and power supply management of electric powered vehicles.
  • Luminita Boblea, NUI Galway: pursuing research in hydrodynamical models for predicting coastal changes and estuary developments. 
  • Yang Li, DCU: pursuing research of events such as transport usage, traffic and weather patterns in cities and developing mathematical modelling for event optimisation.

“These awards further represent IBM’s drive for collaborative research and innovation at our Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Dublin”, said Dr. Lisa Amini, Director of the Centre. “They are an essential part of attracting and supporting the best talent and hope these awards inspire future nominations who share and value IBM’s research strategy.”

The four IBM Ph.D. Fellows are matched with IBM Mentors according to their technical interests, and they are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one internship at IBM while completing their studies.

Additional Background on projects and research

Cathal Coffey, National University of Ireland Maynooth Investigating and mining urban data to extract and understand the patterns of human mobility in urban environments. The intention is to build models of human motion for the identification and prediction of movement from various sources of data. This research aims to uncover fundamental issues of predictability of human behaviours to aid city planners in the development of smarter urban transportation systems.

Eamon Keane, Electricity Research Centre, University College Dublin Researching the operations of electric vehicles with the aim of supporting increased flexibility and efficiency by power grid providers and consumers. This study explores for example, how cost savings may be influenced by factors such as location of chargers, driving patterns, and variable electricity pricing tariffs to shape consumer charging. He is also exploring how advance prediction of charging patterns and interactive communication tools may enhance flexibility.

Luminita Boblea, National University of Ireland Galway Is carrying out research in the area of estuarine hydrodynamic modelling. For example, coastal flooding due to waves, storm surges and tides need to be mitigated against. In support of this efficient hydrodynamic, solute transport and water quality models are needed to enable understanding and forecasting of these complex phenomena. The research involves development of a sophisticated two-dimensional estuarine hydrodynamic model in cylindrical polar coordinates.

Yang Li, Dublin City University. Researching the data output from multi-source sensors in an urban environment such as public transport usage, traffic and weather to understand the relationships between the data sets, identify cause and effect, and ultimately building mathematical models for their inter-relationships. The aim of the research is to provide city managers and event organisers the use of applied real-time predictions to dynamically allocate resources and optimise unexpected situations.

For more information about IBM’s University Programmes and Academic Initiative see ibm.ie


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