Featured Article 12 Nov 2012

9th November
Silicon Republic

IDA Ireland’s senior vice-president in charge of ICT Pat Howlin
  says Ireland is building a considerable ecosystem around the cloud in order to be in an unassailable position to capture the opportunities of the world’s next industrial revolution, which will centre on big data and will transcend all industry types.

As Howlin describes it, the groundwork for the cloud revolution as it exploded on Ireland’s shores was laid in the 1970s and 1980s as some of the longest-serving software companies arrived in the country.

He has a point. Many came then to localise and package physical copies of their software before shipping it around the world.

The majority of these companies are still in Ireland, only their work has evolved to be digital, analytic and cloud-based. Joining them are many of the born-on-the-web companies that rose up in the last decade and a new generation born within the last two years.

These companies, Howlin explains, are focused on a new business model that harnesses the evolution of technology but in a way that provides a business model that transcends all industries, from food production to pharmaceuticals, communications and digital entertainment.

Pat Howlin video interview:
IDA Ireland on the nation’s cloud computing opportunity

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