Featured Article 18 Apr 2017

The project will enable Coillte to have greater control over forestry harvesting using real-time satellite communications and a cutting-edge analytics platform.

Treemetrics’ technology is designed to optimise operational efficiency, reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability. It has been developed in partnership with the European Space Agency over the past four years.

The connected forest will help Coillte see the woods for the trees

“Our increasing use of technology will be crucial over the next few years as we aim to create the connected forest,” said Coillte CEO Fergal Leamy.

Treemetrics’ technology promises to transform the global wood supply chain by connecting all the various stakeholders in real time through GPS and mobile communications, and utilising the latest in data analytics to give first-hand insights.

The satellite communications platform communicates directly with harvest-cutting machines, ensuring that they always have 24/7 connectivity. It delivers positioning and mapping services to the driver/operators, and shares data on the tree logs in real time with the forest managers and sawmill wood buyers.

“Treemetrics are very grateful for the support we received from the European Space Agency, our technology partner, and to Coillte, our valued Irish customer, to enable us to deliver the ‘Internet of Trees’ platform,” said Enda Keane, co-founder and CEO of Treemetrics.

“This will provide real-time data analytics and transformative insights that will deliver great benefits to the Irish forestry industry, in terms of environmental sustainability, management optimisation and improved profitability.”

John Kennedy

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