Blog Article 24 Sep 2014

Anyone who has spent time in Ireland will tell you to prepare for all four seasons every day. It could be sunny in the morning, windy at lunch time, overcast with a storm rolling in by the afternoon and sunny again around dusk. The weather in the Emerald Isle is predictably unpredictable. What’s even more so, however, is the success of cloud computing – a sector that is taking Ireland by storm.

In recent years, we have seen a cloud ecosystem develop in Ireland that fosters growth and innovation across a broad range of sectors. Whether it’s cyber security or social media, networking or hosting, all of the necessary components needed to run your cloud business exist in Ireland.

Log on to your Google account, update your Facebook status or Dropbox a file to your coworkers, and somewhere, without you knowing, electrons and photons are hurtling across oceans and continents, from data centers to fiber networks to your iPad. Whether you are streaming movies through Amazon, tweeting about local politicians or updating your McAfee Antivirus Software, you are touching the “Cloud.”

But cloud computing is so much more than just the front-end of your interaction with the Internet. Companies like Intel and Analog Devices provide the processing power so that EMC, HP and IBM can provide the storage capacity for all of the world’s information. Access to this info is provided by companies like Cisco, Arista, Aruba Networks and Avaya through their network products, and the information is protected by companies like FireEye, Symantec and Qualcomm.

Where the info comes from depends, in part, on where in the world you are accessing it from. Data center providers, such as Digital Realty Trust, Interxion and Telecity, are building new CoLo facilities in locations where power is cheap, weather is cool, fiber connectivity to the U.S. and Europe is plentiful and a politically stable environment is set up. When you think about it, maybe locating a cloud computing company to an equally cloudy, yet innovative place is the perfect pairing. The island in the middle of the Atlantic with a cool temperate climate, great connectivity to the U.S. and Europe and a wealth of multinational companies is an ideal location for a cloud computing hub. After all, why do you think Google, Microsoft and Zendesk built their data centers in Ireland?

Senan Ryan – VP Technology, IDA Ireland

@SenanRyan / @IDA_WestCoast

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