Blog Article 05 May 2016
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From wearable tech to virtual reality, thanks to home-grown companies the next industrial revolution – powered by the Internet of Things – is set to be an Irish affair.

Irish technology is leading the way in wearable technology

The Intel Curie chip, designed in Ireland, is a button-sized device that can be integrated into clothing to track performance and activity.

Dublin tipped to be the world’s first Internet of Things city

Projects at Croke Park include measuring stadium and fan experience by monitoring pitch quality and stadium microclimate, predicting traffic to and from the stadium and developing apps that indicate queuing times at refreshment and convenience facilities.

Irish companies are achieving world firsts

The most energy-efficient, high-speed analogue-to-digital converter in the world was created by Irish firm S3.

Limerick is Dell’s IoT ace card

Dell revealed that Limerick is to be the base of its European Internet of Things division, where it will work on technology widely considered the internet’s future.

Irish-inventions are being used by the largest companies in the world

Enniscorthy-headquartered Taoglas designs the radio systems for the internet of things devices used by companies like Dell and makes an annual turnover of around $32 million.

Google are investing in Irish IoT

A chip designed by Dublin firm Movidius will feature in a new generation of virtual reality headsets created by Google.

Global telecom firms use Irish technology

Dublin company Asavie creates the ability for telecoms firms to deploy IoT services to businesses in a secure and controlled way. Its technologies now serve 20 telecom operators and 20,000 businesses worldwide.

Irish business is revolutionising the product chain

Irishman Liam Casey’s company PCH is integral to the design, manufacture and delivery of the high-end smart devices consumers crave globally.

Cork is an IoT gamechanger

In 2015, Cork was selected for Vodafone and EMC’s joint investment in a €2 million IoT industrial test platform. The new testbed will provide facilities for the testing and exploration of technologies like machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

To read more about the Irish IoT revolution, see the entire article in the current issue of Innovation Ireland Review

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