Blog Article 22 May 2015

What is Ireland's Value Proposition for Foreign Direct Investment

Since becoming the CEO of IDA Ireland there is one question I have been asked repeatedly by companies from all over the world, local community groups, government representatives and consultancy companies — ‘Why do companies invest in Ireland?’

All are genuinely eager to fully understand what makes Ireland such an attractive proposition for Foreign Direct Investment.

We have been helping international companies establish operations here for decades and know when companies are considering an international investment there are three main factors that are crucial:

1. Location — Is it a safe, stable location in which to invest and does it provide a suitable operating environment and access to market?

2. Workforce — Is there an educated and skilled workforce, and an attractive environment where people want to live and work?

3. Competitiveness — Will there be an adequate Return on Investment (ROI) driven by a combination of competitive operating costs, high productivity and profitability?

While the answers to these three key questions inform a company’s decision to invest, there is also an increased focus on collaboration.

Companies value highly the support and collaboration IDA Ireland offers in terms of helping to source commercial opportunities and assistance in the location decision-making process.

We have refreshed our Value Propositionto emphasise the fundamental factors that attract investment. Through this process we have also refined the messages embedded in the proposition and adapted it to specific markets, sectors and activities.

Now our Value Propositionis based around three elements:

  • The 3 T’s (Talent, Track record, Tax)
  • The 3 E’s (Education, Europe, and Ease of doing business)
  • The 3 C’s (Cities and Clusters, Connected research and Cutting edge companies).

The purpose of this post is to share this Value Propositionwith you all so that if you are asked about #Why Ireland you have access to a range of proof points to highlight the reasons why the world’s best and brightest companies continue to invest in Ireland.

Remember, there is not just one reason why companies invest in Ireland, there are many and it is the way these factors work together in Ireland that make Ireland stand out.

It would be great if you could share this with your networks and if you want to find out more – go on to or follow us on @IDAIRELAND.


Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland

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