Blog Article 12 Mar 2015

Around the world on St. Patrick’s Day, people celebrate their country’s link to Ireland.

This year, IDA has gone one further. The ‘Ireland’s Everywhere’ website uncovers all sorts of hidden Irish connections from dozens of countries around the world.

For instance, The Bermudiana flower is only indigenous to two places in the world: Bermuda, and around Lough Melvin in Ireland.

When American’s say ‘can you dig it?’, they’re actually speaking Irish. It evolved from ‘An dtuigeann tú’, meaning ‘do you understand?’.

We’ve developed Ireland’s Everywhere to be a simple and sharable way for investors from all over the globe to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with minimum involvement and maximum intrigue. You never know what connections you’ll find.

How it works

The website will pull up a surprising connection between your country and Ireland.  You can then choose from any number of countries in the search box and find out what their Irish link is.

Alternatively, you can click a button to generate a new country at random, effectively exploring the world through Irish connections. The call to action is a ‘surprise me’ style button, in the same vein as Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

Getting the word out

Just like the site itself, it’s simple.  Have you found an interesting connection you’d like to share?  You can post from the site to Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn with one tap or click.

What better way to get everyone involved on St. Patrick’s Day.

Caitriona O'Kennedy, Head of Marketing Communications, IDA Ireland

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