Blog Article 09 Jun 2017

IDA Ireland is proud to be a founding sponsor of MassRobotics. IDA Ireland has been successful in attracting and supporting multinationals for a long time and always strives to ensure Ireland stays at the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing developmentswith initiatives like the new Irish Manufacturing Research Institute positioning Ireland as a global leader in Advanced Manufacturing.

Without a doubt the biggest benefit Ireland has seen is the power of collaboration to uncover value. It's great to be part of MassRobotics alongside existing IDA Ireland clients like Amazon and Dassault Systemes, and we look forward to our involvement with MassRobotics opening up conversations with new potential clients. 

Ireland has a unique base of technology companies and research institutes involved in sensors, analytics and computer vision that are all core to the robotics of the future. At the same time robotics plays a critical enabling role in sectors that Ireland has key strengths in like Pharma and MedTech. With the combination of engagement with our multinational companies, a vibrant small-to-medium enterprise and start-up community, an openness for business, the youngest, digitally savvy population in Europe, a highly connected research ecosystem that is easily accessed by industry and support from the government - there is a lot that Ireland can contribute to, and gain from being part of the MassRobotics family.

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