Blog Article 22 Jan 2015

From the moment we started thinking about establishing a European headquarters, to being able to say that Betts Recruiting is officially up and running in Ireland, there was so much that happened. This life-altering whirlwind has turned into one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for me personally and for my company.

I packed up my world and boarded the newly reinstated direct flight from San Francisco to Dublin. At touchdown I had no idea what was in store for me, but I couldn't wait to find out. With my hustle and bustle mentality inherited from San Francisco, I got to work building a business and a life for myself.

Dublin is no stranger to U.S. companies setting up shop here. Because of this, IDA and a number of support groups (letting agents, service providers, banks, etc.) are ready and waiting to point you and your business in the right direction and help to make valuable introductions.

Because there were so many moving parts involved in getting us up and running professionally, we quickly found that working with these partners to support our growth and help tackle some of the challenges was the best way to go. The support and welcome we received was tremendous and allowed us to focus on doing what we do best.

The willingness of these partners to understand what we work to build made a big difference. This seemed to set the stage for the people that we would encounter in Dublin. My meetings were filled with referrals, introductions and suggestions. We learned that networking is not only a way to do business here – it’s the only way.

On the personal front, I had worries before moving that seem trivial but were important to me. I was concerned about finding a home that I loved. I was worried that the simple comforts I was used to wouldn't be available to me (a gym that I liked, my favorite products, foods, etc.). I’ve now been living here for close to six months, and I can say that building my personal life here was a breeze.

Dublin is one of the happiest, most charming cities that I have ever lived in. There’s a village to fit every personality and need. From family homes surrounded by great schools to trendy neighborhoods for young professionals looking to network and meet new people.

Most importantly, you can get avocados, Cholula Original (slightly more difficult to find – shoot me an email and I’ll share my secret place), Skippy peanut butter, Quest Bars, Kraft Mac and Cheese for those days after a few too many pints of Guinness) and all the brands of almond milk you can think of.

The point is this – looking at a European headquarters and building your business abroad is a big undertaking. There are so many crucial details you need to get right from the start. You also need to make sure that your landing team has the small comforts that give them the motivation to get up and go big every day. Dublin has proven to be the perfect spot for Betts Recruiting and for me, personally.

If you’re curious about how it all works, I’ll offer this – talk to IDA, talk to any local around town, talk to your cab driver and talk to people who have made the move, like me. You’ll hear great stories, strong recommendations and true affection for this little mecca that is Dublin.

- Emily Mattos, Betts Recruitment

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