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Alan Mc Glinchey, IDA Ireland, California - Assisting US Technology Companies to Scale Operations in Europe

Your SaaS Company has achieved $10M+ ARR (annual recurring revenue). Presumably, your team is now focused on achieving $100M+ ARR and scaling your business internationally is fast becoming a priority. For many companies, Europe is the natural market to enter - in fact, many of you will already have a number of customers there already who are not quite getting the love they deserve!

The Who:

Ireland has been very successful at attracting SaaS companies over the last 15 years. Salesforce first established their presence in Ireland in 2001 with a small team of multilingual pan-European technical support, which was quickly followed by an inside sales team. Today, Salesforce employ over 700 people in Dublin driving a number of EMEA mandates.

The popularity of Ireland with SaaS companies is easily demonstrated by the sheer volume of those  who call Ireland their European home including New Relic, Hubspot, Slack, PayPal, Marketo, Qualtrics, AdRoll, Nitro, Workday, Squarespace, MongoDB, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Zendesk, Intercom, Survey Monkey and many more!

The Why -

So, why do so many high growth SaaS companies have Ireland in their playbook?

Value for money

1,200+ multinational companies chosen Ireland as their strategic European base. IBM’s Global Location Trends report ranks Ireland as the top destination in the world by quality and value of investments. The strengthening dollar and stable salaries in Ireland makes it a very attractive location indeed.

Availability of Skilled Talent

SaaS companies need well-educated multilingual Sales, Customer Support, Finance and Technical Teams. Ireland has a young, educated & adaptable workforce – in fact, over 50% of Irish people aged 30 to 34 have completed third level education, which is higher than any other country in the EU. The Irish talent pool is further strengthened by the free movement of people within the European Union’s 200M strong labor market. These young professionals enjoy relocating to Ireland where they can earn in the Euro currency and further improve their English.

The Right Strategic Visionary

Getting the right experienced senior executive to drive EMEA is another key element of success. Ireland ranks #1 in the world for the availability of competent senior managers, according to the 2015 IMD World Competitiveness Rankings.

The Right Cost Base

Ireland has a very attractive, pro-business corporate tax rate of 12.5%, so once your SaaS business is profitable your EMEA profit after tax will be excellent.

In Summary

The key differentiator for Ireland over other locations is that the Emerald Isle gives SaaS companies the ability to scale quickly, with the right talent.  Additionally, they are supported by a great business environment which is culturally aligned to the US. 

The ease of getting up and running, lack of barriers to entry and sophisticated infrastructure means that a fast-growing SaaS company entering the European market can get up and running very quickly, without losing valuable management and financial resources to bureaucracy. This means they can focus on winning new customers in Europe from Day 1.

“We selected Ireland because we needed a European hub with a large talent pool of skilled people. Ireland has built a great reputation as a centre for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. We look forward to expanding operations in EMEA and support our swiftly growing international customer base from Dublin.”

Phil Fernandez, President and CEO of Marketo

“This year the Dublin office has become the fastest-growing Zendesk office in Europe, as well as the largest office by number of employees, not only in Europe, but also outside of the United States. The Dublin office serves as one of Zendesk’s five product development hubs around the world with a team of highly skilled software engineers, as well as sales professionals and customer advocates.” 

Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder of Zendesk

“The convergence of language talent, technology know-how and cultural savvy makes Dublin the ideal base from which we can meet the needs of our international customers.” 

Luis Franco, VP, International Operations, SurveyMonkey

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