Blog Article 18 Jul 2016
A warm Irish welcome for Global Talent

I see myself as a global worker. As an Irish-American I can work in nearly 80 states, 50 in the US and about 30 in Europe (EEA). I also spent some time in Toronto on an employment visa, where I benefited both professionally and personally thanks to Canada’s famed hospitality.

My experience is not unique. Talented, high-skilled people from all over the globe are seeking new opportunities in the world’s tech hubs.  Leading companies are investing heavily in Diversity programs because they believe global inclusion of human talent drives innovation. This seems obvious for businesses with global footprints and ambitions – statistics show that 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

Unfortunately, rising geopolitical volatility around the world points towards more restrictive worker mobility policies that may impact talent hubs. While uncertainty around immigration policy continues in other states, Ireland remains as the “land of a hundred thousand welcomes”

Ireland, a global tech hub in its own right, continues to attract global talent, companies, entrepreneurs & investors

In fact, over 1,200 companies, from global giants to the hottest high-growth brands, have already chosen Ireland as their strategic European base. This is largely due to the country’s open, business-friendly environment and the access it provides to top-tier talent. We continue to perform strongly against other countries on a global scale, as Ireland’s rankings in the IMD World Competitiveness Index show.

In 2016, Ireland ranked:

  • 1st for national culture that is open to foreign ideas
  • 1st for flexibility and adaptability of people
  • 2nd for attitudes towards globalization
  • 8th for progressive Immigration laws

In addition to these impressive stats, Ireland is a member of the European Union and offers full access to the EU (+EEA) labor pool of over 200 million people with no restrictions. Furthermore, in 2013 the Government of Ireland streamlined the Visa & Work Permit system to allow companies greater access to talent outside of the EU.

These open door policies have significantly increased talent flows into Ireland. In fact, 2016 has seen a 36% YoY rise in Tech Talent moving to Ireland and a 20% YoY rise in the issuing of Irish work permits.

Just as I was welcomed to Canada, Ireland’s talent hubs - Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Dundalk and Athlone - continue to welcome global talent, allowing both companies and individuals to benefit from a diverse and inclusive environment.

Global Talent- Work for some of the most Innovative Companies in the world

Head over to Tech/Life Ireland which is a great portal to find a career in technology and learn about moving to Ireland.

Global/ Mobile Entrepreneurs- Start your own company to take advantage of Ireland’s pro-business environment

All you need to know about starting a business in Ireland is available here:  

Visas and Work Permits

EEA citizens can move with no restrictions to work in Ireland.

Non-EEA citizens can access critical skills employment permit, supported by IDA Ireland, which ensures a streamlined process which can be completed in approximately two weeks. There is also a Trusted Partner Initiative for companies who regularly require visas for Non-EEA citizens.

“We’ve had tremendous success with the local market but our view towards hiring is we want to hire and develop the best employees that we can. We pull people from all over the world … we have a huge level of confidence in our ability to attract and retain staff in Ireland”
Jeff Caseldon- General Manager, Amazon Ireland

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