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8 reasons Ireland and India are closer than you think
8 reasons Ireland and India are closer than you think

Ever wondered why the Indian flag is so like our tricolour? Did you know that Sanskrit and old Irish share words? India-Irish relations go back centuries, here are some fast facts.

Our flags are very alike

It is believed that India adopted our colours because of our shared fight for independence.

Our constitutions are similar

Provisions of the 1937 Irish Constitution were drawn upon in drafting the Indian Constitution of 1950.

Our languages are alike

There are paralells between Gaelic and Sanskrit with similar words having the same meaning.

Irish teachers taught in India

From the mid-eighteenth century, Irish missionaries travelled to India set up schools.

Irish businesses are thriving in India

There are over 70 Irish companies employing about 6,000 people operating in India such as Kerry Group, Glanbia and CRH.

And Indian companies are investing in Ireland

Over 30 Indian companies employ more than 2,500 staff here thanks to our location and highly educated, highly skilled population.  We welcomed the latest arrival this morning as Kellton Tech Solutions is establishing its EMEA HQ in Drogheda and will create 100 new jobs.

We’ve received a visit from the Head of State

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi visited Ireland in September 2015, the first Irish visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 60 years.

Our wealth of multinationals has proved attractive

Indian businesses want to work with the likes of Google and Facebook and Microsoft who all have European headquarters here.

To read more about the growing trade links between Ireland and India, see the entire article in the current issue of Innovation Ireland Review

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