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Dublin: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton, TD today (Tuesday, April 15) announced that two US and one European-based company have established operations in Dublin, which will create a total of 48 new jobs.

The companies were introduced to Ireland through ConnectIreland, the company responsible for delivering the Government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative, as part of the Action Plan for Jobs, in association with IDA Ireland.

The attractive jobs being created are with energy consulting firm Sure Power Energy and Utilities (25), helicopter leasing company Lobo Leasing, (15) and PR and marketing agency Wired Island (8).

Announcing the jobs, Minister Richard Bruton said: “When we came to office in 2011, we were determined to take on board new ideas and try new schemes to create the jobs we so badly needed. Succeed in Ireland, part of the plan we put in place to address the jobs crisis, was one such scheme and today’s announcement shows its great strengths.

“As a result of business and social connections, three projects and 48 jobs that would have gone elsewhere are now coming to Ireland. Today’s announcement is very welcome, great credit is due to the Connectors and all involved, and I wish Sure Power, Lobo Leasing and Wired Island every success with their operations in Dublin”.

The latest ConnectIreland success sees Sure Power hiring 25 staff in Dublin. Sure Power is a consulting firm uniquely and solely focused on Energy, Utility, and Oil and Gas modernisation. With a significant base of clientele located throughout North America, Sure Power engaged ConnectIreland to assist with the establishment of an Irish operation from which to expand into European markets. 

Sure Power is hiring professionals for consulting assignments with experience in project and program management, with a core focus on SAP, Oracle and the myriad technologies used by Energy, Utility, and Oil and Gas organisations.

“Through our stringent recruiting practices and operating discipline, Sure Power has distinguished itself as a world-class consulting partner within the Energy, Utility, and Oil and Gas industry,” said Derek Somerville, Principal and Chief Operating Officer. 

“Our commitment to attracting highly qualified and uniquely capable associates made expansion to Irish markets not only logical, but critical to our capability to support broader European markets.  ConnectIreland has proven indispensable in seeing that vision come to fruition.” 

Lobo Leasing
is recruiting 15 highly qualified positions in Ballsbridge in Dublin.  The helicopter leasing company was founded in Austin, Texas and will use Ireland as a global headquarters where it will service its clients in The North Sea, Mexico, Latin America, West Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and The Indian Ocean. Recruitment has already begun and the new Irish operation will require a new General Manager, Administrative Staff, Portfolio Manager, Business Development Manager, Internal Legal Counsel and a Finance team.

Lobo Leasing chose Ireland after the connector, Donald Paynter, who is based in New York, learnt about ConnectIreland through his contacts.  He is friendly with John Contas, Executive Vice President of Lobo Leasing. Donald is now in line to receive a reward of €22,500 (€1,500 per job) for the connection he made.

“I’ve visited Ireland previously in connection with various commercial activities and with my family and hope to return soon. I’m constantly promoting Ireland and hope to register another company with ConnectIreland soon. I’m delighted with the ConnectIreland process and believe ConnectIreland is an invaluable resource to companies,” Mr Paynter said.

PR and communications company Wired Island
, with a strong presence in the US and Europe, is looking to expand its international footprint by hiring 8 staff in Dublin after another connector was inspired by ConnectIreland’s presence in Dublin Airport.

Wired Island provides PR and digital marketing services to high-tech companies and will be hiring senior PR and communications account managers and strategic digital marketing experts. It is looking to leverage its deep roots in California’s Silicon Valley and access the key influencers in high technology to offer Irish tech companies a way to increase their exposure in key overseas market segments.

Today’s announcements bring to 346 the number of jobs being created in Ireland by ConnectIreland in 15 companies secured over the past two years.

Meanwhile, the Magni Group has now confirmed that its 50 job project, which was also facilitated by ConnectIreland, originally destined for Portarlington is now going ahead in Mallow, County Cork. The project will proceed in a recently acquired property to facilitate a rapid start-up and to meet immediate demand for its product.

Barry O’Leary, CEO of IDA Ireland said: “Today’s announcement by three ‘ConnectIreland’ companies - Sure Power, Lobo Leasing and Wired Island, that they are establishing new operations is welcome news as Connect Ireland continues to leverage the Connector base they’ve built up.
“In particular, Ireland has a large Diaspora community worldwide, and ‘ConnectIreland’ is harnessing this great asset in a systematic way.”
ConnectIreland CEO, Michael McLoughlin
, says their concept is simple and it’s working.  He urged others with family, friends or business ties abroad to make connections, bring jobs to Ireland and reap the rewards.

"Today’s expansions are all a perfect example of how the power of connecting can have a positive impact on your community. They also show how our intensive communications, airport and other promotional programmes are working.

“Everyone knows someone abroad. So why not pick up that phone or write that email and become a connector to make a difference and create jobs?” he urged.

ConnectIreland is an innovative way to create new jobs in Ireland by harnessing the power of the global Diaspora.  Once an individual or connector hears of a company planning on locating in Europe, they pass the information on to ConnectIreland which works with the IDA and to bring the jobs to Ireland.

Each connector earns a government reward of up to €1,500 per job created, a sum which they can choose to keep or donate to a charity, local club or cause.

ConnectIreland was two years old last month. It says negotiations are ongoing with a number of companies and further announcements are expected over the coming months.   It attributed much of its recent success to an intensive marketing and information campaign at Dublin Airport in conjunction with Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and in-flight promotions with both Ryanair and Aer Lingus.

• For more about ConnectIreland log on to www.connectireland.com

Media Contact: Neans McSweeney (086) 2620 355 or neans@mcsweeneymedia.ie
ConnectIreland Contact:  Michael McLoughlin, CEO, ConnectIreland  (087) 1960 870 mmcloughlin@connectireland.com

About ConnectIreland
ConnectIreland is an innovative way to create new jobs in Ireland by harnessing the power of the global Diaspora – at home and abroad. The mission is to attract foreign companies that are expanding internationally to Ireland through ordinary people – creating jobs and securing the future of the Irish economy.

The Irish Government will financially reward those who attract new, sustainable jobs into the country. The objective of the initiative, part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs, is to bring jobs to Ireland under the Irish government’s Succeed in Ireland Initiative, which is managed by IDA Ireland and implemented by ConnectIreland. www.connectireland.com.

About Sure Power
Driven to favourably impact the environmental footprint and technological modernisation of energy production and transmission, Sure Power strategically augments the efforts of utility, power, oil and gas companies, vendors, and consulting partners, to ensure critical programs and projects have the requisite background and practical, real-world expertise to succeed.

Sure Power proudly partners with the top five globally recognised solutions providers, and directly supports some of North America’s largest and most innovative Energy, Utility, and Oil and Gas companies.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Georgia USA, Sure Power was recognised in 2013 as the 8th fastest growing privately held company in greater metropolitan Atlanta. 

About Lobo Leasing
Lobo Leasing LLC is a helicopter leasing company founded in 2011 in Austin Texas. The Company was founded by three main principals: Bill Wolf, Howard Wolf and John Contas. Howard Wolf has been involved in the helicopter industry for many years. He previously served on the boards of what are now Bristow and CHC. He now and serves as a vice chairman for Lobo. Day-to-day activities are managed by Bill Wolf and John Contas, both of whom are knowledgeable about the helicopter industry. Bill Wolf was formerly an investment banker (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and HSBC) and John Contas has 29 years of experience in aviation- related finance with commercial banks and equipment finance companies.

The company’s strategy is to become a global helicopter leasing company focused on partnering with operators of mission-critical transportation services. The ultimate end users of these services are major oil and gas companies, government agencies (SAR), healthcare organisations (EMS) and various other general utility companies. Lobo has strong relationships with the “Big 3” in the offshore helicopter operator industry; Bristow, CHC and Avincis.

About Wired Island International
Wired Island, International is a full-services PR and digital marketing agency focusing exclusively on high technology clients of all sizes. It provides its global client base with a range of communications services to help them articulate and differentiate their value proposition, promote their brand, and generate revenue opportunities.

Wired Island brings deep technical expertise and experience to build a strategic messaging and content platform that can then be implemented through optimized digital communications and marketing programs.

Wired Island, International is headquartered in the Turks & Caicos Islands and has senior level consultants based in the US and Europe. Its deep roots in California’s Silicon Valley provide it with access to the key influencers in high technology, as well as insight into the latest trends shaping various industries.

WII shareholders are Mike Sottak and Antoinette Sottak.  It has 5 employees and a number of dedicated sub contractors. It serves a global client base of high technology companies, including: Xilinx (US, Ireland); GlobalFoundries (US, Germany, Singapore). CEVA (Israel, Ireland), nViso (Switzerland), Coventor (US, France), Intrinsic-ID (Netherlands)


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