04 - 05 October 2018 : 18:30 - 01:00

Lean Business Ireland Awards 2018
Croke Park, Dublin
4th October 2018
The Lean Business Ireland Awards 2018 will take place in Ireland’s National stadium, Croke Park on the 4th October.
Primarily designed to recognise and celebrate enterprise excellence achievements in Ireland, the awards ceremony will also be an opportunity to socialise and network with other Continuous Improvement Teams.

Whether a large, medium or small organisation, working in any sector or a government department; the  Lean Business Ireland Awards are open to organisations that  can demonstrate excellence in their strive towards a competitive  operation and want recognition at a national level for that  journey.

Lean Business Ireland aims to position Ireland as the recognised centre of lean & enterprise excellence globally and this award ceremony will help to showcase how companies are working towards enterprise excellence in Ireland, striving for competitiveness

Shortlisted entrants will have their national profiles listed just by making the final, while winners will receive coverage in the national media. In addition, the team or individual get to return to their organisation recognised as winners and sharing their journey with others.  There will be a beautifully exclusively designed trophy, which will find pride of place in any reception area for the winning entries.

There is no charge to enter the Lean Business Ireland Awards ceremony, but deadlines for entries will be the 1st of August 2018. As such, don’t delay in submitting your entry!

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