"It is important that Kellogg's is organised and structured in Europe to take advantage of the full market opportunities that the enlarging EU offers and responds to the changing economic and commercial landscape. Working with IDA Ireland we explored our options and Ireland won against other European locations. It proved to be the best option for us being a cost effective and efficient base with good access and communications to the EU market from a Euro-based location," Tim Mosby, Area President of Kellogg's

At a Glance

The Kellogg’s company was founded in Michigan in 1906 and is now the world’s largest producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience food. Kellogg’s products are manufactured in nineteen countries and marketed in 180 countries around the world. The company currently employs nearly 32,000 people. The company is quoted on the New York stock exchange and has a market capitalisation of $16 billion.

Kellogg’s in Ireland

Kellogg’s is the leading supplier of breakfast cereals in Ireland. The success and longevity of Kellogg’s brand is due to the fact that they have consistently increased their range to meet ever-changing needs of Irish consumers. Through continuous development in product innovation and nutrition, Kellogg’s is the market leader in a cereal industry worth over €220 million per year.

  • Best tax model in Europe – ease of creating the structure
  • High quality of life
  • Ease of access for all plants and customers in Europe
  • Lower cost profile than competing locations
  • Availability of skills and knowledge

In July 2010, Kellogg’s announced the expansion of their European Headquarters in Swords, Co. Dublin, creating 50 high value positions bringing total employment at the Dublin centre to 250.

Activities in Ireland

The European HQ and Operations Centre in Dublin employs approximately 120 people and carries out many functions, key among them:

  • General Management
  • EMEA Marketing and Sales Management
  • EMEA Financial Management
  • EMEA Supply Chain Management (Strategic and Innovation)

As the Tax Principle European location the Irish operation takes all stock risks and makes capital investment decisions.

Supply Chain Management
The Irish operation is responsible for forecasting, scheduling, purchasing and logistics. The Senior Vice President (SVP) for Supply Chain Management Europe is based in Dublin and manages a team of 45 who cover areas such as Sourcing to Shelf for Snacks and Cereals, Quality Assurance, Process Engineering and Innovation. This operation links via the Dublin based EMEA SVP for marketing and pan EMEA sales teams.


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