Case Study 11 Nov 2011

At a Glance

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Cameron is a leading international manufacturer of oil and gas pressure control equipment and assembled systems for oil and gas drilling, production and transmission used in onshore, offshore and subsea application, and provides oil and gas separation, metering and flow measurement equipment. The company has more than 16,000 employees operating from 250 locations worldwide.

“Our products have high value added content and require a high degree of skill and experience to manufacture to the very exacting standards demanded by the industry and the certification required. From our experience with our existing highly talented Irish workforce we are confident that we will quickly recruit the additional high-calibre we require.”Mr. Bob Walker, Director of Operations EH at Cameron Flow Control

Company in Ireland

Cameron Ireland Ltd. established in Longford Town in 1978 and since then has continued to grow. The operation, employing over 240 people, has specific responsibility for the manufacture of sub-sea chokes and actuators for the oil and gas exploration markets. The products are used in drilling operations to regulate the flow of oil and gas both at sub-sea level and underneath the surface.

Initially, Cameron manufactured these products for the North Sea oilfield. Over the years the operation has grown to include functions such as a Research and Development Centre and has extended its mandate to cover Europe, Asia/Pacific and Middle East markets.

In 2004, Cameron added an R&D centre resulting in the development of a Chemical Injection Metering Valve which is now in production in Longford.

Cameron then announced a €15 million investment to develop and expand existing manufacturing and R&D facilities with the creation of 140 high quality jobs in engineering and support activities.