Ireland has proved to be a highly sought-after location for the delivery of global Business Services. In the early 1990s international companies, attracted by our highly skilled workforce and pro-business environment, began to base their centralising functional support activities here.

Dynamic Talent

A proactive, highly educated and flexible workforce enables global businesses to adapt to ever-changing needs. This also offers them the ability to rapidly expand their activities when required. Thus companies located in Ireland have been able to deliver shareholder value through continuous improvement and innovation.

Flexible & Scalable

Ireland offers a myriad of solutions that can readily span the range of best-practice strategic business units from small to large-scale operations. The focus is always on providing a unique, skills-based, flexible and scalable approach that can create value in every business sector.

Rapid Roll Out

Ireland provides a low-risk, quick start-up, high-performance knowledge economy for Business Service operations.

The Customer is King

Business Services companies in Ireland have delivered better customer service, provided more innovative business solutions and reduced costs. Ultimately, this has enabled them to deliver increased shareholder value.

Strength in Numbers

Leading companies such as Accenture, Bertelsmann, Perot, Freightquote, Serco, GLG, Sita, Service Source and Western Union have already located in Ireland adding to the country’s strong reputation worldwide as a centre of excellence for Business Services.

Shared service centres report

Evolution of UK & Ireland shared service centres from 2000-2015 (Captive/Hybrid excluding BPO).

SSON's global analytics centre (DART) reviewed 15 years of UK & Ireland data to see how Captive/Hybrid SSC landscape has evolved since 2000. 

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